Why is Cal-OSHA Trying to Kill Us?


By Molly Wood, SPHR. SDEA HR Consultant

We all thought we knew what was going on. Jennifer wrote up a great article with a reference to ripping your mask off like a character in Grey’s Anatomy after a 12-hour surgery. But alas, in an emergency meeting last night (I guess the Cal/OSHA board is earning their paychecks) it was decided that for now nothing will change when it comes to workplace mask mandates – even after June 15. 

The good news is that the potential for a “Hatfield and McCoy”-esque feud between vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated employees will not be an issue that businesses will need to address in the near future. (Previous guidelines stated that employees could go without masks only if everyone in the room was vaccinated.) The bad news is that with all the different agencies publicizing contradictory information, employees who are frustrated with mask requirements will continue to be frustrated.  

We will keep you posted as information is released.

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