Harassment Prevention Training

Also Available in Spanish

Employers have been responsible for providing Harassment Prevention Training to supervisors since 2005, and starting in 2018, businesses with five or more employees were required to provide training to all workers; exempt/non-exempt, part-time/full-time, seasonal and temporary—all employees.

SDEA offers the required one-hour training for staff and two-hour training for supervisors on a monthly basis via webinar. This training meets all the requirements of AB1825, AB 2053, and SB 396 (California legislation pertaining to Harassment Prevention training mandates). Although talking about legislation is dry, SDEA’s staff makes the training relevant and interesting with real-world examples, relatable situations, and interactive discussions.

SDEA also provides periodic webinars in Spanish so employers can ensure that their Spanish-speaking population fully understand their rights and obligation to report harassment, and their part in establishing a harassment-free work environment.

On-site Training and Private Webinars

If you want to get your staff trained all at once and on your time schedule, SDEA also offers on-site training and private webinars to meet your scheduling needs. Like our public webinars, SDEA can provide a two-hour training that meets the requirements for staff and supervisor training. On-site and private webinars can be conducted in English, Spanish, or both.

SDEA’s Harassment Prevention Training will help you:

  • Acquire the skills to quickly and effectively respond to harassment complaints
  • Learn the symptoms of workplace harassment and discover how to extinguish issues before they cost you
  • Get the tools and resources you need to mitigate risk
  • Foster a culture of productivity, safety, and maximum employee performance
  • And so much more…
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Upcoming Harassment Prevention Classes

Upcoming Harassment Prevention Classes

At San Diego Employers Association, we stand against racism and inequality. We wholeheartedly believe that lasting change requires ongoing action and education in the important work around social justice. We are committed to fostering an equitable and inclusive community that reflects and amplifies diverse voices and we know that statements alone don’t bring about change.

Our Harassment Prevention Training programs include information about unconscious bias in the workplace and the benefits of diversity and inclusion.


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