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Employee Relations is a pain point that business owners and organizational leaders all endure. When employees have grievances, they need someone to talk to – either to vent or to report behaviors in the organization that could lead to lawsuits.

When you are a small business, who can your staff turn to? If they have a concern, are they going to be comfortable approaching the President of the company? And do they believe that your HR representative is impartial?

This is where SDEA’s Employment Support Services come in. SDEA will provide an email address and phone number where your employees can reach us. Our trained HR Consultants will respond within 24 business hours and coach your employees on conflict resolution and productive communication. Or if there is a situation that needs to be addressed before things get messy, we can work with your managers and leaders to take appropriate action to avoid litigation.

Call us today to discuss how we can be a further resource for you. At SDEA we are not just here for you, we are HeRe WITH you!

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Employee Services



Base Enrollment Fee

$ 500


Per employee

$ 3


Conflict Resolution

Sometimes employees don’t know how to approach a conversation about trouble in the workplace. For situations that are best handled with a one-on-one approach, we can coach your staff on how to start a constructive discussion with colleagues and/or supervisors.

Employee Relations

Employees may feel uncomfortable or intimidated to come to management with a problem. As a result, something that could have been addressed when it was a minor issue snowballs into a lawsuit. By providing your employees with an impartial third-party where they can express concerns, big or small, you can resolve situations before they escalate.

California Programs

Employees have a lot of benefits from the state that they pay for through their state taxes. Programs like State Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave can be confusing when you are not dealing with them every day. We can explain how these programs work and what employees need to do to utilize these benefits.

Career Coaching

If an employee is in a job that is not a good fit for their skillset or interests, they are probably not going to be very good at that job. They will certainly be less engaged than if they were in a role that played to their strengths and career pursuits. SDEA consultants provide a safe environment to have those potentially tough conversations, and to guide your staff members to get their supervisor’s insight into how to make the most of their current role, or how to find a position for which they are better suited.

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