The Cost of Non Compliance

By Molly Wood, SDEA HR Consultant

COMPLIANCE. It doesn’t even sound fun.

$1,862 penalty for I-9 “Technical” violation, $875,000 in settlements for harassment claims, $35,000 fine for Required Notice discrepancy, $1,000 statutory damages for background check violations. That sounds even less fun!

While compliance may be a mundane part of your business, failure to monitor compliance issues can be a very costly business expense. Considering that fines, lawsuits, and settlements can usually be mitigated by proactive, up to date policies and procedures, it stands to reason that a review of Employment Practices is something that should be done with some regularity.

Let’s get more detail on the a few employment practices that can get expensive quickly:

1. I-9’s – The U.S. Department of Homeland Security monitors I-9 compliance, and they can be very particular about how the process is handled. The fines for “Substantive/Uncorrected Technical Violation” are $220 – $1,862 per violation. Technical violations include failure to ensure that Section 1 and 2 dates are correct, failure to provide title, business name, and business address in Section 2, failure to state “Individual underage 18” in Column B of Section 2 for employees under 18 using only a List C document, and several other items to tedious to get into in this article. Fines for “knowing hire” or “continuing to employ” are higher.

2. Stated and Acknowledged Harassment Prevention Policy – The EEOC Press Release headlines specify $875,000 in settlements for harassment claims, just for the month of June!!!

3. Required Notices – Failure to post required state and federal employment law notices can result in fines of more than $35,000.

4. Background checks – The Fair Credit Reporting Act has strict technical requirements with statutory damages ranging from $100 to $1,000 per violation with no cap on recovery.

Now that we are looking at dollar amounts easily in the thousands, and potentially in the millions, compliance is a little more compelling! With tight margins, even a minor violation could have a devastating impact on a small business.

San Diego Employers Association provides a complimentary Employment Practices Review to new members within the first year of membership. We can also provide periodic checkups as needed. Our HR Employment Practices Review is a comprehensive evaluation designed to help identify “red flags” and help you to protect your company from fines and litigation.

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