SDEA Member Feature: Kahala Travel

Kahala Travel is a San Diego based company founded in 1987 by Joyce Dentt.  The company grew out of Joyce’s own interest and passion in traveling and the travel industry.  In forming the company, Joyce brought in the expertise of family members, including her husband Rick Dentt, who has a background in real estate and her sister, Janine Joseph, who has an extensive background in business. During the initial days of the business, Kahala Travel booked trips all over the world, with a large portion of their business coming from clients traveling to Hawaii.  Today, Kahala Travel serves both individual and business travelers in planning trips of all sizes, from vacations in Europe to meetings in Cabo, Mexico or closer destinations like sunny Palm Springs.

Kahala Travel employees see themselves as consultants who serve their clients in learning about and understanding a client’s hopes and goals for their trip.  Kahala Travel is also able to offer their clients insider tips, deals and insider information specific to their destination, which they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.  This approach saves clients money and time, and ensures their vacation or travel is the best experience it can be.

With 10 employees and over 40 independent contractors, Kahala Travel is considered mid-sized in the travel industry. The Kahala Travel team is a close-knit group who not only work well together, but who get to enjoy some of the perks of the job together including visiting destinations around the world to check out their hotels, group activities and learn about the surrounding area.

Kahala Travel also believes in giving back. As a company, they are involved in charity walks and beach clean-ups locally in San Diego.  They also travel and serve communities in more far-reaching places including volunteering to help with reforestation efforts and hurricane relief efforts in the Dominican Republic and other countries.  “I really love meeting people from all over the world,” said Janine Joseph, President of Kahala Travel. “Travel is good for our world, it enriches both the traveler and the people they meet along the way, and helps people see how interconnected we all are,” Janine said.

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