Reopening San Diego Back to Work – County Requirements

By May 21st, 2020HR Blog


As we have come to expect over the past couple of months, we are hearing conflicting information on what the reopening of San Diego will look like.  If you have been tuning in to the daily state and county updates, you have noticed that some information that we get from the Governor is different than the information than we get from the Mayor of San Diego.

It is important to remember that if you are running a business in the county of San Diego, you need to follow the county requirements which, like the state, are being doled out to us in bite-size servings so it requires businesses to be diligent on the most current requirements. 

Currently, employers are required to implement a Safe Reopening Plan (SRP) and provide the plan to all employees.  In part, the Plan must include information on mandated signage; social distancing; specifics on disinfecting all work areas including rest rooms and break rooms’ Personal Protective Equipment; and most notably the new requirement that every employee get their temperature taken at the start of each shift. 

The link below is provided by the county and intended to make the implementation of the Safe Reopening Plan “simple”.  It is important to note that these requirements apply to all businesses that are open, including essential businesses that may have opened prior to this requirement or even if they never shut down.

SDEA is encouraging employers to be proactive in this process and even if you have not been given the green light to open your business, use this time to think about what needs to change when you do re-open.  Will you need to adjust pathways in your offices; re-configure the workspace; slow down production lines; change work schedules or hours of operations, etc.?  Think about who the point person will be for COVID-related compliance and complaints and how you will implement the new process of taking temperatures when still enforcing social distancing.

Remember, SDEA is here to assist!

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