Not Thinking About Inclusivity When It Comes to Performance Management? You Should Be!

By May 10th, 2023HR Blog


By Jennifer Jacobus, PHRca, SDEA Director of HR Services

Performance reviews are an essential tool for employers to assess their employees’ contributions, set goals, and provide feedback for improvement. The way these reviews are conducted will impact an organization’s culture and create a sense of inclusion or exclusion for employees. Therefore, it’s essential to conduct performance reviews that are inclusive to ensure that employees feel valued and appreciated.

Start by establishing clear and objective criteria that are transparent to all employees. This provides everyone an understanding of the expectations and standards they are being evaluated against. It’s also important to avoid using biased language that can be interpreted differently based on an individual’s background or identity. Employers should focus on the specific behaviors or outcomes that align with company goals and objectives, rather than subjective attributes or personal preferences.

Employers should also provide regular opportunities for feedback and communication outside of formal performance reviews. This can include regular check-ins, mentorship programs, and ongoing training and development opportunities. Managers also need to be open to receiving feedback and set a good example of how to appreciate constructive criticism. Creating a culture of open communication and collaboration allows all employees to provide and receive feedback regularly, leading to more inclusive and equitable performance evaluations overall. In conclusion, making sure that performance reviews are inclusive is crucial for fostering a positive workplace culture that values and supports all employees.

SDEA’s Inclusive Performance Management for Modern Leaders, scheduled for May 25, will provide employers, HR professionals and managers insight on first steps to make this change and support their diversity, equity and inclusion programs.  To register, click here.

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