Mental Health Resources Your Team Needs to Know About!


By SSA Insurance Services

Although all traditional HMO and PPO group medical plans include mental health benefits, your employees may not be aware of the additional wellness items, resources, and Employee Assistance Programs each carrier may have in this area!  We’ve put together a summary of the different mental health resources provided by each insurance carrier for you to give to employees who may need more support!  Feel free to forward this to your team.

  1. Mental Health resources:
    • Aetna:
      • Aetna’s Resource for Living provides Aetna members and their dependents access to an array of articles, videos, live and on-demand webinars, and other resources that help you live your best.
      • Aetna also partners with a variety of specialized mental health telehealth/virtual partners who can provide outpatient mental well-being counseling services that can be accessed from anywhere.  Members can call the Member line or log into their portal at more information.
    • Anthem:
      • Anthem provides an Employee Assistance Program at no-cost included with all group medical plans.  This confidential support resource can be accessed at or through their Sydney member app, and offers up to 3 counseling in-person or online visits per issue, emotional well-being resources and access to coaches, crisis consultation, and more, 24/7!  When something unexpected happen, members can rely on their EAP to help them figure out their next steps.
    • Blue Shield:
      • Blue Shield’s Wellvolution® wellness program now includes two amazing mental health apps, Headspace and Ginger, so you can find the right program to fit your needs:
        1. Ginger is a mental health app that provides on-demand mental health support day or night.  You can get connected with a trained behavioral health coach via text message.
        2. Headspace is a self-guided meditation and better sleep app made simple!
      • Explore all of Blue Shield’s mental health resources by clicking here:
    • Kaiser:
      • Kaiser offers access to three evidence-based apps to help with anxiety, stress, sleep, mood, and more.  Take advantage of Calm, Ginger, and MyStrength, a personalized program to help with making positive behavioral changes.  Visit to get started.
    • HealthNet:
      • HealthNet’s Sharecare health coaching program gives members access to qualified coaches who give expert advice on how to reach health and wellness goals.  You choose whether you’d like 4 or up to 6 weeks of coaching to hold you accountable and help you through areas of struggle. Call 855-430-5272 to learn more or visit
    • Sharp:
      • Learn to manage your stress with Sharp’s Best Health six-week phone-based coaching program!  With 30 minute weekly coaching calls, an experienced health coach can help you make some positive changes in your life.  Visit or email to connect with a coach.
      • With over 700 behavioral specialists, Sharp makes it easy to schedule video visits and no referral needed for outpatient therapy within your network.  Go to to get started.
    • United Healthcare:
      • If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or exhausted, you’re not alone.  AbleTo, United Healthcare’s virtual behavioral coaching program, is designed to help you learn ways to cope and start feeling better.  Visit to get started.

Additionally, if your company offers a group long term or short term disability policy, many of those plans throw in an EAP program at no extra cost!  If so, you may have additional resources to your employees.  We always recommend checking with your benefits broker for the latest mental health resources your health insurance carriers and partners offer to your team. We’re happy to help too!

We hope this information was helpful and for more tips please follow our Facebook page at or give us a call at (760) 203-4299! 

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