Member Spotlight: Parron Hall

As part of SDEA’s 110th Anniversary celebration, we thought it would only be appropriate to spotlight some of our long-time members who have supported SDEA over the years and enabled us to reach this milestone.  In this newsletter, we are happy to showcase Parron Hall, who has been an SDEA member since 1966!

Parron Hall helps people thrive and succeed where they work by creating effective and inspiring interior environments.  With over 75 years of experience, Parron Hall offers furniture and interior construction solutions designed to support productivity, inspire collaboration, enhance the creative process and make the best use of the project’s budget.

Located in San Diego Parron Hall is known for creating exceptional office solutions for all businesses including healthcare, education, commercial, federal and counties.

The founders of Parron Hall, D.R. Parron and Stanley Hall, incorporated the fledgling company on August 6, 1947.  Almost 77 years later, multiple locations and several owners, Parron Hall is bigger and stronger than ever.

Parron Hall’s CEO and owner, Jim Herr, has roots in the office furniture and supply industry dating back four generations to the 1880s when his great-grandfather, L. B. Herr, founded an office furniture business.  Fast forward to 2024,  Jim Herr, now in his 46th year at Parron Hall has been at the helm since 1988 when Jim’s father, L.B. Herr, III, Parron Hall’s previous owner, retired.

Parron Hall has been a member of the San Diego Employers Association for 58 years.  When asked how SDEA has assisted Parron Hall over the years, Victoria Needham, Director of Contracts, Compliance, & Personnel stated, “SDEA was invaluable in terms of navigating Covid and unusual employee challenges, throughout our tenure.  The consultants are so quick to respond, they are readily available, and I like the fact that I don’t have to submit a request and wait for the request to be processed, before getting a response back, I just really like you guys”.  Victoria went on to say, “there is such a level of trust and being able to say exactly what is going on without fluff, straight to the point.  SDEA is an invaluable resource to be able to have people with such a depth of expertise, this allows the company to focus on what they do best which, in our case, is focus on selling furniture”.


Contact us: 858.505.0024