MEMBER SPOTLIGHT – Instruments, Inc.

As part of SDEA’s 110th Anniversary celebration, we thought it would only be appropriate to spotlight some of our long-time members who have supported SDEA over the years and enabled us to reach this milestone.  In this newsletter, we are happy to spotlight Instruments, Inc., who has been an SDEA member since 1982!

Here is what Kim Ashby, president of Instruments, a woman-owned business, wrote about the company:

Instruments Inc. was founded in 1941 as an optics business. In 1958, Dr. David Kalbfell purchased the company, shifting its focus to the design and manufacture of electronic test equipment. The Navy contracted Dr. Kalbfell to build our first power amplifier in 1965, and Instruments Inc. has been specializing in building linear and switching amplifiers ever since. In 1979, Dr. Kalbfell transferred the business to his son, Ken Kalbfell, who successfully ran the business for over 40 years. In 2021 Ken sold the business to his daughter, Kim Ashby. As owner and president, Kim now has two of her children working at Instruments Inc., who are spearheading the 4th generation of family leadership in the company.

As Instruments Inc. progresses into a modern workforce that is becoming more complex with ever-evolving laws and regulations, SDEA has been “instrumental” in navigating these changes. The company has been benefiting from its membership with SDEA since 1982. Whether helping to implement and maintain its Employee Handbook, or being a consistent resource for pop-up HR questions, SDEA continues to be a faithful and reliable aid in keeping Instruments Inc. up to speed and confident that it is compliant with HR requirements.

Thank you Kim and your team for your continued support of SDEA.

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