Member Feature: MediExcel Health Plan

By January 7th, 2020HR Blog

Founded by José Hernández Fujigaki, MediExcel Health Plan offers covered health insurance benefits to employer groups in San Diego and Imperial County. They are a California licensed, ACA compliant, Health, Dental and Vision Plan specializing in Binational Healthcare, with care delivery in Tijuana and Mexicali, and cover Emergency and Urgent Care worldwide. MediExcel’s state-of-the-art 22-story medical facility in Tijuana offers everything from primary care to complex surgeries. Their medical facility is staffed with 300+ highly-trained physicians and medical personnel and includes a Pharmacy, Laboratory, Imaging, Specialty Care, Dental and Vision Departments.

MediExcel’s customers are businesses who often offer them as a lower-cost health benefit option alongside a CA HMO.  Their members are employees and families who benefit from high-quality care delivered in Mexico at more affordable premiums. MediExcel Health Plan is the fastest growing HMO in the region.

The U.S. government requires hospitals to be accredited by the Joint Commission (formerly known as Joint Commission of Accreditation of Health Care Organizations or JCAHO), the largest accreditation organization in the country. Accreditation is a condition of licensure for hospitals providing patients and physicians confidence in the quality of care offered at those facilities.

In 2009, Mexico’s General Health Council signed a formal agreement with JCAHO adopting U.S. hospital standards for national hospital certification, the Mexican equivalency to JCAHO accreditation. Once certification is obtained, those hospitals operate with procedures and audit practices comparable to JCAHO standards.  MediExcel’s Hospital enjoys this distinction and is certified through 2020.

MediExcel’s healthcare network has been serving the Baja California community for over 23 years, with highly-trained bilingual physicians, state-of-the-art facilities, and the quality care that employees and their families deserve.

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