Mask Mandate Lifted – What This Means


By Jennifer Jacobus, PHRca, SDEA Director of HR Services

This week marked yet another update to the ever-changing “all-things-Covid” regulations when the mask-mandate was “lifted” as of February 16.

Before we dramatically remove our masks like we are coming out of a 12-hour surgery, let’s review.

With this new guidance, masks will be required for the following:

  • Public transit
  • K-12 schools and childcare (indoors)
  • Emergency shelters
  • Healthcare settings
  • State and local correctional facilities
  • Homeless shelters
  • Long term care settings
  • Adult and senior care facilities

Employers will still need to follow California’s ETS which states that unvaccinated employees will need to continue to wear masks when indoors and employers are required to provide unvaccinated employees with face coverings. Employees who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear a mask.

Unvaccinated employees are permitted to remove their mask when they are alone in a room or while eating or drinking so long as they maintain six feet from others.

If an employee chooses not to share their vaccination status, they are to be treated as non-vaccinated.

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