Mandatory Posting Requirements for Remote Workers

By March 18th, 2021HR Blog


By Jennifer Jacobus, PHRca, SHRM-CP SDEA Director of HR Services.

For many employers the workforce is going to continue to look different than it did a year ago.  A year ago, many of us were required to adapt to work from home procedures “on the fly” while now, many employers will continue this option as part of their “new normal”. 

In addition to adopting well-written telecommuting policies and procedures, time-keeping procedures and ideas on how to keep your employees engaged in a remote workforce, we should all remember that there are legal obligations associated with this as well.  One of those is that your remote workers must still be provided with the mandatory federal and state labor law posters. 

Don’t worry!  Your employees won’t be obligated to change their design aesthetic, these posters can be provided to your work employees in a digital format. 

SDEA sells these posters, for any state, for $42.95.  Just call SDEA at 858-505-0024 to order.

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