Human Resources Manager, Human Capital Manager, People Manager…What’s in a name?

By July 20th, 2022HR Blog


By Molly Wood, SPHR, Senior HR Consultant

The function of providing employees with an engaging atmosphere, compelling benefits, and a safe and harassment free work environment has had several labels over the decades. What started as the somewhat sterile and administrative “Personnel” department has evolved into a much stronger focus on corporate culture. Although as HR professionals we may want to adapt our titles to better explain to staff and leaders what it is we are trying to do, the most important thing is actually doing it.

In Sara Christiansen’s book “HR Leadershift: The Five Distinctions of a Strategic HR Leader” (2021) she discusses the importance for HR professionals to have impact in the organization, develop relationships to be able to influence decisions, provide inspiration, present innovative ideas, and integrate with employees at all levels. While it may be true that many people in the HR role are so busy “putting out fires” they don’t have time to be strategic, it is essential to carve out the time. That may mean that administrative functions are delegated to other staff and managers are professionally trained to address employee relations issues in a way that mitigates risk. SDEA’s Management Essentials Certificate program (shameless plug) is a great way to get supervisors up to speed on HR functions that are in their influence of control.

With the tough candidate market and the “Great Resignation”, it’s crucial for the HR function to look at the big picture of the business – then determine and implement a plan of action to attract and retain the talent that are your Human Resources.

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