HR Investigations in the Workplace

By May 1st, 2018HR Blog

HR-Lady-on-the-phoneBy Jenny Kazan-Mills, SPHR

Conducting effective investigations in the workplace is essential to avoid litigation.
Here’s a scenario which demonstrates what not to do:

Scene:  Extremely busy HR Department

(Telephone:  Ring, Ring Ring)

Hilda Human Resources:       “Hello.”

Ethel Employee:                     “This is Ethel from the “x” Department and I want to file a serious complaint.”

Hilda Human Resources:       “What?”  “Who are you?”  “What department?”

Ethel Employee:                     “This is Ethel from “x” Department and I want to file a serious complaint.”

Hilda Human Resources:       “Have you talked with your supervisor?”

Ethen Employee:                    “The complaint is has to do with my supervisor.”

Hilda Human Resources:       “I’m swamped and can’t talk to you right now.” “Can you call me back next week?”

Ethel Employee:                     “Really?  I guess so.”

(One week goes by)

(Telephone:  Ring, Ring Ring)

Hilda Human Resources:       “Hello.”

Ethel Employee:                     “This is Ethel from “x” Department calling you back.  I talked with you last week.”

Hilda Human Resources:       “Oh yah, I remember you…what seems to be the problem?”

Ethel Employee:                     “My supervisor has been making racial and sexual comments in our workgroup and I’m uncomfortable.”

Hilda Human Resources:       “Oh, I’m sure he’s not serious…he’s just trying to make the workplace a fun place to work.”

Ethel Employee:                     “But, I’m uncomfortable and so are my co-workers.”

Hilda Human Resources:       “Really, all right…I’ll look into it, but I’m sure he’s just joking and trying to build teamwork.  Don’t be so serious.”

(Two weeks goes by)

(Ring, ring, ring)

Ethel Employee:                     “Hello.”

Hilda Human Resources:       “Hi Ethel, we looked into it last week and your supervisor was just joking around.  I wouldn’t worry about it…just do your work and everything will be fine.  Also, try not to make waves.”

(Two months later Hilda receives a complaint from the DFEH)

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