Bring Your Child to Work Day is Still a Thing – Even When You Work Remotely

By July 20th, 2022HR Blog


By Molly Wood, SPHR, MAOL
Senior HR Consultant

April 28 is National “Bring Your Child to Work” Day, a time-honored tradition when parents try to instill an understanding of work ethic and why the kids should ease up on Mom and Dad when they walk through the door after a hard day.

You may be thinking, “I work remotely now? Without the office environment, what lessons can be taught?”. You may think it would be better just to have your children go to school since they finally can, but there are valuable bits of wisdom that can be imparted, even when you work from home.

For instance;

Work/Life Balance: Just because you are wearing a jacket and tie for a Zoom meeting does not mean you need to wear real pants. Show your young ones how balance can be achieved with business on the top and sweats on the bottom!

Time Management: You have five minutes before your next conference call and a load of laundry already sorted. Get those dirty clothes in the washer in the time allotted. You can also teach delegation by having your child flip the load to the dryer.

Communication: Between emails, Teams, Zoom, and multiple phones, there has never been a better time to train your sons and daughters on the importance of communication. You could turn it into a game by seeing how long you can make an email chain, and how many topics it can cover. If you get to 10 emails and the top message is no longer even remotely applicable to the subject line, you win!

This article is mostly in jest, but if you are still adapting to the challenges of remote work environments, SDEA is offering a certificate program on Remote Workforce Management starting June 15. Until then, our HR Consultants are here to answer your questions, whether you’re in the office or in your living room. 858-504-0024.


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