Why Not Invest in Your Employees?


By Jennifer Jacobus, PHRca, SDEA Director of HR Services.

As we discussed in last week’s newsletter, employers are seeing their staff resign at levels we have not experienced in recent history.  To make things worse, employers are struggling with finding employees to fill these vacancies.  While unemployment numbers continue to decline slowly, the overall UI rate still remains high and employers – along with their production and service – are suffering.  No industry is immune.

In these times, it makes sense for employers to focus on keeping their current employees and avoid having to look for new ones.  One way to discourage your employees from looking for greener pastures is to invest in their future with YOUR company.  You may not be able to relent to every request for a pay increase, but you may be able to invest in advancing their skills and abilities so they can continue to grow in your organization.  This benefits not only the employee, helping them realize that you see them at your company for the long-term, but the employer as well, through utilizing the increased skillset of tried-and-true staff rather than incurring the cost and headache of refilling an open position.

SDEA offers a nine-week Management Essentials course that will develop your employees’ skills in order to increase their potential to advance to the next phase.  The program covers topics that are fundamental to all managers including how to properly and legally document and discipline an employee, communication skills, how to resolve conflict, performance management and more.

Studies show that employees are less likely to leave their current employer if they feel valued and that there is real opportunity for advancement.

Please see additional information in this newsletter and call SDEA for details or to enroll today!  

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