Harassment Prevention Training In Spanish

To ensure that all employees fully understand their rights to a harassment-free workplace and to better protect your business from litigation, harassment prevention training must be offered in Spanish or any other language spoken by ten percent or more of the workforce.

SDEA offers Harassment Prevention Training in Spanish.  California law AB1825 requires private businesses with 50 or more employees to provide professional training on preventing harassment, discrimination and retaliation to all supervisors and managers every two years.

SDEA’s expert instructors are available to provide Harassment Prevention Training in Spanish at our offices or on-site at your company.

Our Harassment Prevention Training in Spanish effectively:

  • Helps companies proactively promote a harassment-free and discrimination-free environment
  • Helps attendees spot, address, and remedy potential problems before they get bigger
  • Teaches attendees to respond effectively to harassment complaints
  • Provides attendees with tools to help prevent them and their companies from being sued
  • Helps to build and reinforce a strong company culture

Upcoming Spanish Training Classes

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