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As a business leader, you’re busy doing what you are really good at, taking care of your company, it’s your passion.
SDEA has a passion for taking care of business as well; and we do that by supporting our members.

With over 100 years of service to San Diego County employers, SDEA is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping employers manage their business through Human Resource consulting services, training and audit services.  SDEA provides expert HR services while embracing core values of integrity, quality, accountability, collaboration and excellence.

As professional Human Resources consultants, SDEA knows the pain points associated with compliance, employee/employer relations, wage and hour, and so much more.  Throw in the challenges of operating with a vacant HR position, and you have to wonder if you are putting your company at risk.    SDEA knows how to help businesses maintain legally compliant workplaces and how to help with their workplace challenges.

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There are numerous benefits to training your employees.  These include but are not limited to increased job satisfaction and morale among employees, increased employee motivation, increased efficiencies in processes, reduced employee turnover, and risk management.

Management & Supervisor Training
Harassment Prevention Training

HR On Loan

The perfect answer to help fill the void.  While you know things like performance management, onboarding and leave of absence administration are important do you know if these tasks are being performed properly or at all? That’s where SDEA’s HR Consultants come in. Our experienced HR professionals can complete your most arduous HR tasks, keeping your company culture, organizational objectives, mission and values in mind.

Unlimited Consultation

With all the nuances around employment practices, it’s easy to get intimidated. Our team keeps up to date with new employment mandates and requirements from various government agencies, case settlements that may change the way an established law is interpreted, and the staple regulations that sometimes are forgotten.

Attorney Consultation

Employment law is a legal specialty, and not all attorneys are well versed in the complexity of the field. Fortunately for SDEA members, consultation with an employment law specialist is part of your membership. Being that employment attorneys charge anywhere from $400 – $800 an hour for consultation, this benefit alone is worth your annual membership dues.

Employee Handbook Services

A properly-constructed employee handbook is one of an employer’s most valuable resources. Our team can help you revise your existing handbook or even create a completely new document!

First, we’ll gain an understanding of your company’s unique philosophy & environment in order to tailor your handbook to your workforce. Then we’ll incorporate the governmental requirements specific to your company size and industry to leave you with a compliant document that fits your company vision.

Membership Pricing 2022

Yearly Membership

$ 800

Per Year

Per Employee

$ 15

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