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Harassment Prevention Training

For Managers

February 28, 2019 @SDEA 9:00 am - 11:00 am

The real impact of harassment in the workplace

41 Lawsuits in 2018

EEOC attorneys filed 41 sexual harassment lawsuits in 2018. A 50% increase from the previous year.

$70 Million Awarded

EEOC reported A 22% increase from last years harassment recovery. $70 Million was recovered from last year.

Reasonable cause Findings Increased 23%

Reasonable cause findings in sexual harassment cases increased from 970 to 1200 in 2018.

What can employers do?

We offer a Variety of harassment prevention training options to fit your needs

1 hour course

To maintain compliance with California’s new and expanded sexual harassment prevention laws, SDEA offers a one-hour harassment prevention training course for non-supervisory employees. Under the new law effective January 1, 2019, all non-supervisory employees must receive one hour of harassment prevention training every other year.  This course is open to all levels of employees but is geared towards non-supervisory employees. We cover the broad concepts and legal issues related to harassment, distinguish the differences between intent and impact, review the many protected classes in California employment matters, identify and provide examples of the different types of unlawful harassment and discuss responsibilities for preventing harassment in the workplace.  SDEA’s trainers are energetic, funny, and interactive, making our training an enjoyable as well as informational learning experience.

2 hour course

The two-hour course is required training for all supervisory and management employees. SDEA’s training covers both required and recommended topics related to AB1825, specifically sexual harassment, hostile work environment, retaliation, bullying and more in an informative and interactive way. Our trainers also include pertinent elements of the #MeToo movement, impacts of “bad behaviors” on an organization, initial receipt of a claim by a supervisor, duty for a good-faith investigation, bystander actions and follow up for resolution and non-retaliation.

Harassment Prevention Training Webinar

We also offer our Harassment Training Programs in a convenient 1-hour or 2-hour webinar format. Webinars are offered regularly throughout the year, and may also be scheduled specifically for your company at a time that is best for you. Topics covered in the Harassment Prevention Training Webinars are consistent with the materials outlined in the 1-hour and 2-hour in-person training courses.

Note: our Harassment Prevention Training Webinars must be pre-scheduled and are not available on-demand.

Our Instructors

Jennifer Jacobus


Jennifer has worked for SDEA since 1988 and is considered an expert in the field of Human Resources. She conducts HR audits, drafts and reviews employee handbooks, and provides advice and assistance with employer-employee/employment-related issues for the SDEA membership. Jennifer has created and conducted training in the areas of employment law, exempt and non-exempt status, leaves of absence, wage and hour, handbook dos and don’ts, and harassment prevention training

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Tyler Jensen


Tyler has been working in the Human Resources field for over 24 years. His background includes experience working for and advising small businesses and large global corporations. Over the years, his specialties have become the elements of Talent Management, specifically in the areas of recruiting, compensation, employee and management relations, development, discipline, separation, and consulting.  He earned his Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification 

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Olga Sanchez de la Vega

Olga is fluent in both English and Spanish, and conducts training in either language.  Her trainings are known for their lasting impact and their ability to inspire, motivate, and educate participants.  Olga’s approach is one in which all people feel seen and heard, elevating the quality and impact of her classes whether they are conducted in English or Spanish.


Harassment is one of the main issues workplaces face today. Our certified HR professionals are equipped with the knowledge and experience to train your employees and keep your business safe and thriving.

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