April 9 - June 11

9 week management essentials certificate course

Discover How Your Managers and Supervisors Can Become Stronger Leaders With Our 9-Week Management Essentials Training

Management Essentials Effectively Develops Managers Into Stronger Leaders and Managers – Benefitting Your Business on Every Level.

Key Subjects covered

Communication Skills

This class helps managers better understand and apply the principles of non-defensive communication in the workplace. The class covers the power of words, the causes and impact of defensiveness, the “defensiveness chain,” appropriate messages, and different types of listening including empathetic listening, and creating a listening inventory. 

Performance Appraisals: Managing the Process

This class provides managers with the skills and knowledge required to effectively evaluate and manage performance appraisals as an ongoing management process. Participants will learn to use job-related performance expectations to help support organizational goals, measure performance, coach employees toward improved productivity and plan and conduct performance appraisals.

Documentation and Discipline

This class teaches managers how to set clear guidelines and document performance as a way to help support employees in succeeding in their role. The class offers knowledge on how to document objectively and issue clear instruction for improved employee performance.  Participants will also learn the necessary skills to effectively prepare for terminations.

Employee Orientation for Supervisors

The class provides training on how to develop an effective, impactful orientation which fits your company culture. The program directly addresses how to design and implement a program that will welcome new employees, decrease new hire turnover, increase morale and loyalty among employees, and create a positive work environment for new and existing employees.

Successful Interviewing Techniques for Supervisors

Becoming knowledgeable and efficient in screening and interviewing candidates is an essential function for every manager. Our class trains people in behavioral interviewing – a systematic method of hiring that will help uncover interviewees’ behavior patterns so you can accurately predict work performance.  This class will save managers time and empower them throughout the interviewing process.

Time Management & Delegation

This class teaches valuable, time-saving techniques to ensure higher productivity and decreased stress among managers and their teams. The techniques taught in this class have been proven to save people between one and two hours every day!

Becoming a Confident Leader

This class is designed to provide information and tools to develop managers into confident, strategic leaders in their organization. This class includes leadership assessments, the power of “feet forward”, active listening skills, and an introduction to management theory. 

5 Steps to Managing Conflict

This class teaches managers as how to address and handle conflict, personal differences, and stress. The class helps people understand their unique conflict management style and corresponding strategies that are most effective within each style.  Participants will also learn innovative strategies and specific tools to address and resolve conflict and to help people move beyond challenges and into effective problem solving and resolution.

Fundamentals of Employment Law

This class provides an introductory overview of the employment laws affecting the workplace, as well as of the ways in which potential liability issues may affect managers.
Participants will learn the differences between state and federal law pertaining to protected classifications, key aspects in determining exempt and non-exempt status, information on wage and hour laws including meal and rest period requirements, and how to correctly report time pay, including overtime and make-up time. A review of leave and harassment prevention laws affecting employers is also covered.

Strengthen Your Skills As a Manager in Just 9 Weeks

  • SDEA’s Management Essentials Certificate Program is ideal for new managers, as well as those interested in expanding their leadership capacity.
  • Management Essentials covers every subject a new manager needs to learn to be knowledgeable and effective in their role.

What Graduates of Our Program Are Saying.

“Management Essentials has helped me be more informed and prepared to handle the increased complexity of my role as a new manager.”
– 2017 Graduate

“This course provided concrete skills and knowledge regarding how to handle some of the tougher aspects of my job in management including how to communicate even more effectively in challenging situations, how to provide feedback that helps my team grow, and how to listen in a way that brings out the best in people.” – 2018 Graduate

“At a time when my role was expanding, SDEA’s Management Essentials program helped me become better equipped to manage not only my own work responsibilities, but the needs and concerns of my direct reports in a way empowered us both.”
– 2016 Graduate

“Knowledge really is power. This program covered many of the subjects I most needed to learn in my role. I highly recommend this program to those who want to feel confident in their current position and as a leader within their company.” – 2017 Graduate