Aligning HR To Direct Business Results

Congratulations! You’ve ventured into HR territory that requires perseverance and a commitment to excellence.

Your journey has given you the opportunity to unleash your creative, entrepreneurial spirit on the world to make a positive impact.

Now here comes the great part!

Our Strategic HR Practices Course will give you the ability to execute business plans, align with with strategic partners and turn your ideas into a reality. Keep reading to find out how.

DO NOT Work Another Day Without This Course

This unique program, guided by expert HR professionals, will provide you with the tools and skills you need to be an outstanding contributor to the success of your organization.

Throughout the course, you'll cover:

  • Developing Sound Budget Practices
  • Corporate Branding And Outreach Programs
  • Performing Human Capital Analysis
  • Managing Change & Creating A Communication Plan
  • Creating An Effective Engagement Plan
  • Linking On-Boarding
  • Performance Management
  • Strategic Exit Interviewing

We Want You To Know That This Is Different

We want you to be successful! SDEA is a not-for-profit here to educate you, share best practices, and give you the support you need to foster a culture of productivity, communication, and maximum employee performance while taking your HR career to the next level!

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