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In today's fast-changing market, businesses must adopt a culture of diversity, flexibility, and evolution in order to remain relevant and competitive. In San Diego County, where over 33% of the population is Hispanic*, it's more vital than ever that organizations are prepared to welcome new talent with dual-language training and employee handbooks, labor posters, and other workplace documents.

By proactively diversifying the language in which your company communicates with employees, you'll demonstrate a unique level of support for your workforce and establish your organization as forward-thinking and ready to join the business market of the future.

Numerous studies have shown that language barriers between employers and employees have a negative impact on training, productivity, morale, and safety. These factors can cause accidents, high employee turnover, customer service problems, and legal conflicts, undermining your business's bottom line. Therefore, having professionally-translated employee handbooks, other documents, and training opportunities not only makes good employee relations sense, but also sound financial sense!

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What's the Bottom Line?

When employers offer training, education, and resources in Spanish to their workforces, both parties benefit:


  • Strengthen relationships with Spanish-speaking workers and reduce employee turnover
  • Mitigate risk of workplace accidents
  • Are safeguarded from penalties or fines in case of legal action
  • Establish a respectful company brand that strives toward cultural relevance


  • Avoid grey areas in communication and translation mistakes, which can lead to injury
  • Connect to company culture, cultivating cooperation and teamwork
  • Boost morale, and in turn boost productivity and competency
  • Benefit from expanded opportunities for skilled workers who may have been held back if they are not as confident in speaking/reading English
  • Receive enhanced employee training and education, resulting in career enrichment and higher job satisfaction

Don't Work Another Day Without Utilizing SDEA's Spanish-Language Training and Translation Services

San Diego Employers Association is proud to be the area leader in offering Spanish-language professional development training and translation services for employee handbooks and other company-specific documents.

Our translation rates are some of the most competitive in the area; at only $0.16 per word for SDEA members and $0.21 per word for non-members, translation is no more a luxury that you can't afford. Instead, it's a wise investment into your business and workforce that you can no longer afford to operate without!

Our team of HR experts is on call to discuss any translation and Spanish-language training needs your company may have. Click below to learn more about our services and to begin the process of determining how your organization can best support its workforce and look to the future by taking advantage of our translation and Spanish-language training services.

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*according to the US Census Bureau, 2014

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