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Is there a team-building workshop you have been wanting to conduct in order to maximize the way your team operates when working on specific projects or with certain clients? Would a conflict resolution training be useful to your team? Perhaps it's time to create a vision-and-values workshop for the next phase in your company's evolution.

Benefits of on-site training:

  • Achieve individualized organizational training goals
  • Minimize downtime and expenses by eliminating off-site travel
  • Deliver consistent messages to participating employees
  • Schedule training at your convenience
  • Promote teamwork within your workforce

SDEA offers a flexible, cost-effective option that allows you to train large groups or just a select number of employees in the convenience of your own office. Call us to learn more and to discuss the type of training that best suits your company's needs.

SDEA offers the following on-site training:

  • Supervisory/Leadership Skills
  • Harassment Prevention training
  • Team Building
  • Performance Management
  • Customized training to meet your company's specific needs

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