4 Simple Audits That Will Save Your Company Money, Boost Efficiency, and Reduce Liability

We know what you’re thinking. Audits usually carry a negative association with them. How can an audit possibly save your business money, boost efficiency, AND reduce liability? Let us explain.

Our audits will prepare you for impending work site investigations mandated by state and federal regulations. Fail to meet the multitude of requirements, and your company may end up facing hefty fines.

These inspections WILL happen at businesses of ALL sizes and in EVERY state. No business is exempt.

Thankfully, we’ve got your back.

Our audits are designed to be preventative, letting you know the areas of your business that need some attention to keep you from being financially penalized. We want your company to be healthy! And we can help.

1. Comprehensive HR Audit/Review

Our Comprehensive HR Audit/Review is an all-inclusive examination of your company's HR functions and processes. This audit includes a review of:

  • Personnel files
  • Application forms
  • I-9 files
  • Job descriptions
  • Mandated posters
  • FLSA compliance
  • Time-keeping processes
  • Wage and hour practices

This review is held onsite at your business as a 1-on-1 consultation and detailed document review with one of our HR experts. The audit will be followed up by a written report, which will highlight our areas of concern in your HR practices and recommend next steps for your success.

2. I-9 Audit

Our I-9 Audit verifies compliance of your business's I-9 documentation and record-keeping practices. This audit includes a review of:

  • Accurate I-9 form completion
  • Record-keeping systems
  • Re-verification processes

This audit is held onsite at your business. One of our HR experts will meet with you in a 1-on-1 consultation followed up by a written report detailing our areas of concern in your business's I-9 practices and recommended remedial action steps.

3. Personnel File Audit

The purpose of the Personnel File Audit is to review your employee files and correct any mistakes that could put your business at risk. This audit includes a review of:

  • Confidential information protection practices
  • HIPPA Compliance
  • Employee Records practices
  • Employee file retention requirements
  • Electronic filing essentials

Where will this audit take place? You guessed it! It will be coordinated at your business with one of the SDEA team's HR experts. This consultation will also be followed up by a written report and recommended steps for remedial action.

4. Job Description Audit

The job description is one of the most important documents an employee receives, and properly outlining the Essential Duties of a position is crucial to the "interactive process." The purpose of our Job Description Audit is to correct mis-classification of employees, which is one of the most costly mistakes that an employer can make. This audit includes consultation on:

  • Exempt vs. Non-exempt FLSA tests
  • Validation of exempt responsibilities/duties
  • Remedial action steps for correcting mis-classification
  • How to classify employees that spend more/less than 50% of their time performing exempt duties
  • Establishing systems for ensuring that employees are properly classified in the future

Guess what? This audit, like the others, will take place in the comfort of your own business. The review will be a 1-on-1 consultation, complete with a detailed document review. The audit will be followed up by a detailed report of our areas of concern regarding your business's job description processes and prescribed action steps.

DO NOT Hire Another Employee Without Ensuring Compliance!

We want you to be successful! That’s why we would like to perform a review of your company's HR practices, offer advice on how to correct mistakes, and help you avoid financial penalty.

Our comprehensive audits will help you:

  • Acquire the skills to simply and efficiently manage employee records
  • Learn about common record-keeping mistakes and discover how to extinguish issues before they cost you
  • Get the tools and resources you need to automate your record-keeping
  • Foster a culture of productivity, communication, and maximum employee performance in your workplace

We Want You To Know That SDEA Is Different

With so much information available through the Internet, healthcare insurance providers, and other resources, you may be thinking you’ve seen this before.

However, this isn’t your average business audit service.

We’ve done the heavy lifting to compile the best documents, systems, and resources for you to learn how to run your company more efficiently.

These audits will give you everything you need to efficiently and effortlessly operate your company’s HR department.

SDEA is a not-for-profit institution that exists to educate you, share best practices, and give your company the support it needs to foster a culture of productivity, communication, and maximum employee performance!

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